by Jeff Schreve

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The Power of Worship (5 of 5)
Series: Let Us Adore Him
Jeff Schreve
Acts 16:22-34

Lord we praise You, and we bless You and we clap our hands to You. Lord You are worthy and our minds can't comprehend what it is going to be like that day we meet You in glory. Lord thank You for the promise that You have given to us and that is eternal life and that starts the moment that we receive You as Savior and Lord and it culminates in the day when faith turns to sight. And we get to meet You face to face Lord, the One that we have known heart to heart. And God I ask You to speak as You have spoken through the music to speak through this message and speak through the power of Your Word to our hearts that our lives would be changed. Holy Spirit of God move and sweep through this place remove the blinders that the devil has put on eyes, break chains. Change people's lives by Your mighty power for we pray in Jesus' name amen.

Hollywood is known for producing tough guy, guys that have so much machismo and so much power in the movies. Clint Eastwood, macho man, he was Dirty Harry, he is known for saying things like ''You feeling lucky punk?'' Do you remember that when he was Dirty Harry? ''Go ahead make my day'', he wanted you to shoot at him I mean he is just a tough guy. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a tough guy, famous for being the ''Terminator'' ''I'll be back'' is what he said.

''Rambo'' he tears up his arm and he pulls out a needle and thread, sews up his own arm? That is just tough. But none of those guys can compare to the toughest guy around and that guy is Chuck Norris. (Laughter) Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris did a slew of martial arts movies and then he caught on in 1993 with the show that really took the nation by storm especially in our part of the world, ''Walker Texas Ranger''. If Chuck Norris ever met a problem in ''Walker Texas Ranger'' the way he solved it was just a round house kick to the face (slap) that solved the problem. Did you know because of ''Wal ...

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