by Jeff Schreve

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When Revival Comes (4 of 6)
Series: Let it Rain
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Luke 19:1-10

Well if you have your Bibles please turn to Luke chapter 19. Luke chapter 19, now as I was preparing this message the Lord impressed upon my heart a story from my childhood. When I was a kid growing up Thanksgiving time was a really special time for me personally. Because at Thanksgiving my Aunt and Uncle who lived in Bel- Air California, they would always come visit us every Thanksgiving. Now my Uncle especially, my Aunt's a wonderful lady she is still alive, my Uncle is no longer living. He was an exceptional guy he was fun he would tell jokes he was Mr. Life of the Party he was very, very successful and very, very wealthy and he was very, very generous. It was awesome when Uncle Harry would come. Things just changed at my house when Uncle Harry came. I mean we would do fun stuff he always wanted to take everybody out to dinner. Let's go out to dinner he always wanted to pay and my Dad was like "Hey that's great. Let's go kids." I mean I was the fifth of six kids we didn't go out to dinner much and so Harry would always take us out. And if you were the waiter or the waitress that got to take care of his table it was like your lucky day. I mean that guy tipped 40%, 50%, it was just huge. I was with him one time and the bill, I think, was $75.00 and he your lucky day cause Harry is here." Harry is just that kinda of a guy. And every time as a kid not only would we have fun times not only would we play games not only would we go out to eat but he would always take us to buy presents because Thanksgiving time was like Christmas time for him because he wasn't there at Christmas. So he would say the day after Thanksgiving "Hey Jeff any toy that you want let's go to the toy store and we'll get it." Now remember the fifth of six kids, my parents never said "Any toy you want" it would be like any toy your brother has that he's not playing with it anymore, that's yours. You know I mean ...

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