by Jeff Schreve

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In the Hands of God (5 of 8)
Series: It's All About Jesus
Pastor Jeff Schreve
John 6:1-14

Well, today in America is a crazy day in that it is Super Bowl Sunday. And Super Bowl Sunday is like a national holiday in America. If you do any research on the Internet, you'll find like, wow, I mean, people freak out over the Super Bowl. Now I don't know in this room, how many people are like, "Man, I'm a big Pittsburg Steeler fan," anybody? Okay. One Pittsburg Steeler fan and a couple of others that are not that excited about it. How about Green Bay Packers? All right, we do have some people that like the Green Bay Packers. How about Dallas Cowboys? They're not playing. But it is at their stadium. It's at their stadium, so some of them might be there.

Did you know that last year's Super Bowl was the most watched event in the history of American television - 106.5 million people? I don't know if that's people or households or what. But they tuned in to the Super Bowl. To have a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl, it's roughly 3 million dollars. That's a lot, isn't it? I think this year we're only doing 2 or 3, just teasing. We could do maybe two or three tenths of a second, you know. Some company one time, they did a 1-second commercial because they couldn't afford anything else. So it was just, nobody remembers, but they did it - 1 second commercial. It wasn't very effective.

Well, the Super Bowl, it's a big event. And it is the game of all games. Sometimes it's not a great game, but everybody watches it. And they watch it, if nothing else, just for the commercials. My favorite all-time Super Bowl commercial is Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. You remember Terry Tate? Man, if you're messing around in the office, he would deck you. I just thought that would be pretty cool to, to hire him for a while, but people tune in just for the commercials. It's just such a big event.

Now today, I want to share with you a mirac ...

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