by Jeff Schreve

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When You've God a Whale of a Problem (2 of 6)
Series: I Shouldn't be Alive
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jonah 1-2

Well I want to tell you a story, a true story, about Dave and Crystal. Dave and Crystal were best of friends they dated for awhile but they found out this isn't really for us we're just really good great friends. Well they wanted to go on a trip and they both loved the outdoors and they loved hiking and they loved nature so they decided to do a kind of an adventuresome vacation. They went to the Amazon Rain Forest and they were staying in this very remote lodge and they would go out for these little hikes and just kind of barely venture into the thick dense rain forest and they were having a good time. And then they got a little bold and they decided we're going to go for a three hour hike from our little lodge to another area and there were little signs on this pathway through the dense jungle where they were supposed to go. And they were excited and they got out into the Amazon rain forest into the real jungle part and they were just couldn't believe all the sights and all the sounds and the bugs and the birds and the spiders and this and that and the other. And they just began to follow this bird over here and follow this toucan over here and say "Oh look at this at this flower" and they just started to wonder in the jungle. And unbeknownst to them they had gotten off the little man-made path with the signs telling them where to go and had wondered into another path with was an and then it became known to them "Hey what happened to our path?" And they looked around they said "Hey we're not on the right path." And Crystal began to get very nervous and then she remembered "Oh, but Dave has a map." And then she was reminded by Dave that he left the map at the lodge, didn't really help them, but he did have a compass. And he said "If I remember correctly the map showed me", he said "I have it in my head the lodge is to the north." And he said "We have trav ...

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