by Jeff Schreve

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When the Stones Keep Coming (4 of 6)
Series: I Shouldn't Be Alive
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Acts 14:19-23

Well, if you have your Bibles please turn to Acts chapter 14, Acts chapter 14. We're in a series called "I Shouldn't Be Alive" the secret to experiencing miracles. And today we want to look at the apostle Paul and the miracle of his life in a message I've entitled "When the Stones Keep Coming." Now how many in here, if you're really, really honest, would say "Jeff, you know I think life is hard"? Anybody in here say "Life is hard."? How many in here would say "You know I've been trying and trying and trying to do what's right to do what's right in my marriage to do what's right at school. I have been keeping myself pure and I just keep getting hit and hit and hit and hit and people are making fun of me and Mr. Right doesn't seem to be on the horizon and I just , ah just feel like, not matter how hard I try it just doesn't work out." Do you ever feel like that? Sure, sure. You know sometimes it just feels like the stones keep coming and everything goes wrong. That's the way it felt for Tom Hanks when he purchased a big house and found out everything in that house was going wrong, watch the screens. Well sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh to keep from crying, poor Tom Hanks was really feeling the blows.

Hey what do you do in life when everything seems to go wrong and the stones of hardship and difficulty and problems and persecution they just keep coming your way? That's a great question and the one that can answer it the best is the apostle Paul. Because the apostle Paul was one who had stones come his way over and over and over again, Paul was arguably the greatest Christian who has ever lived, I mean he was used by God more than any other person. God used Paul to write most of the New Testament, 13 Books of the 27 Books, 14 if you throw in Hebrews. God used him in a great way, God blessed him in such an incredible way he had all these miracles ...

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