by Jeff Schreve

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Do You Want to be Wise? (1 of 7)
Series: How to Win at the Game of Life
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Proverbs 9:10

A businessman was going to the coke machine to get a Coke, and he got to the machine. But right before he got to the machine, this lady got in front of him. She was a blonde lady, and she (laughter) was looking at the coke machine. And she, ah, saw that it said .75. So she dug in her purse and got out .75, and she put those three quarters in the coke machine. And she looked and she looked and she looked. And she finally punched Coke, and out came a Coke. And she gave a big smile. And then she dug around in her purse, got three more quarters, and put them into the slot there, and looked and looked and looked, and finally his Dr. Pepper. And, boom, out came a Dr. Pepper. And she just smiled a big smile. And, and she began to rummage in her purse. And no more change. So she got a dollar bill and she put it in the dollar changer, and, and she looked and looked and looked, and finally hit 7-Up, and a 7-up came out. And she, she was so excited. And the man behind her is like, "Ah, Miss, are you almost done?" She looked back at him, and she said, "Well, duh, I'm still winning!" (laughter)

How many people in here like to win? Anybody like to win? I love to win. I don't care what I'm playing. If I'm playing any kind of sports game, I want to win. If I'm playing any kind of board game, I want to win. If we're playing cards, I want to win. If we're playing some video game, I want to win.

There's a video game that, ah, was purchased for me some years ago. It's the, ah, 2006 NCAA Football on PlayStation. And I'm always the Longhorns, and I'm always Vince Young, and I always win. It's just so wonderful. And one of the guys I've been playing with, every time I've beat him, I say, "Now, you got to say it." He said, "Say it?" I said, "You got to say it." He said, "Say it? Say what?" "I'm the best." And he does, he will never say it. "I'm not saying it. I'm not sa ...

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