by Jeff Schreve

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And God Created Marriage (1 of 7)
Series: Home Field Advantage
Pastor Jeff Schreve

How many people in here like cars, you're just like a car person; you just think cars are so cool, how many in here like NASCAR? Anybody like NASCAR? A few people like NASCAR. You know normally people who like NASCAR, and that's a growing thing, I guess it's a sport; I don't know what it is but anyway, growing. But NASCAR, fast cars, so many people they're just so interested in that, they love a car that can just go zero to sixty like that! You know there's one of the most expensive cars in the world it's called a Ferrari Enzo. A Ferrari Enzo has a v-12 engine, it has 660 horsepower, it goes zero to sixty in 3.6 seconds, zero to a hundred in 6.3 seconds, it can do the quarter mile in 11 seconds and get up to 130 miles an hour, tops out at 217 miles an hour, there is the Ferrari Enzo. Would you like to have a Ferrari Enzo? (Laughter) Some of you NASCAR people with a chew of tobacco in your mouth you'd love to have that Ferrari, just teasing, that Ferrari Enzo. It goes for about a million dollars. So that probably knocks most of us out, we can't afford it. But now I found one that you could pick up for a song, it's just been in a little bit of an accident. (Laughter) That's a Ferrari Enzo after it hit a telephone pole at about 150 miles an hour. It's totally cut in half it's a piece of junk nobody wants it all they did was hauled it of to the junk yard and scrapped it. It was totally wrecked and totally ruined. It wasn't what it was created to be.

Now we are starting a new series on marriage and family called Home Field Advantage, God's Way to a Great Marriage and a Great Family. And when it comes to the subject of marriage so many people have such a negative view and concept of this thing called marriage. They see marriage not like a beautiful brand new Ferrari Enzo they see marriage as the Ferrari Enzo that hit the telephone pole. They don't see that, they see that. And peop ...

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