by Jeff Schreve

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Great Families Don't Just Happen (5 of 7)
Series: Home Field Advantage
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Joshua 24:14-18

We just want to tell you that we love you and us thank you Lord that the last thing that you said in your word is that you're coming quickly and we're excited about that day in Jesus mighty name amen. When I was a kid growing up I had a favorite TV show I watched it as much as I could then when it started to go on repeats it would play every afternoon and I would come home from school and I'd watch this show it was a science fiction show it was called Lost in Space. Did anybody ever watch Lost in Space? Ah! It was the coolest show, I mean especially for a kid growing up, it was such a cool show because I was about the age of Will Robinson and so I would imagine myself being Will Robinson this space kid and you have a space ship and you have a robot, all I had was a little sister. But he had a robot and that robot would follow him around everywhere and do what he wanted to do and they had laser guns on the ship. And it was just so cool I just loved it. Now I found my son-in-law, Jay Budzilowski, told me about a website he said "Hey this website has all the episodes of Lost in Space you can watch it anytime you want it's free." I said "How cool is that?" So I went and I watched an episode of Lost in Space and it's changed a little bit you know (Laughter) some of the special effects that I they had this little monster coming after Dr. Smith who was always such a wimp and he was screaming, it was a vacuum cleaner. (Laughter) And they just kinda wrapped it up in aluminum foil and it had these antennas coming out and it's just like hey Dr. Smith that's a vacuum cleaner I mean it's not really well done. But you know one of the things I liked so much about Lost in Space as I look back on it? They had a great family, Lost in Space was about the Robinson family, they were all together on this space ship and there was a mom and a dad and they loved each other. And ...

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