by Jeff Schreve

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The Kindness of the King (5 of 6)
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Jeff Schreve
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In 1984, I began to work for a chemical company that I've told you about before, Nalco Chemical Company. And it was a really good job, but it was a really hard job. And the idiot phase in starting the new job was huge at Nalco. There was so much to learn. And after I was there three months, they sent me to school for a concentrated three-week class in Chicago. And then they sent you out into the field. And you're trying to work with these guys and talk to them about water chemistry, and talk to engineers - I'm not an engineer - and so there was a lot to learn. I didn't sell a lot of things for a while. It took me a while. But in 1993, I had a great year. Now, at Nalco, every year in February they would have the big sales meeting, and they would bring in reps from all over, and you would meet. And they would talk about the previous year. And it was a recognition awards meeting. And if you had a great year, it was wonderful. If you didn't have such a good year, it wasn't so wonderful. I mean, you got to hang out with the guys and play golf and then talk about things. But in 1993, I had a blow-out year. I sold the water treatment account for the power plant of Texas AandM University. That's pretty cool, since I'm a Longhorn. And the competitor I was going up against was an Aggie. And I he had had the business for almost 10 years and I beat him out, and I got this business. It was huge. They were spending about $500,000 a year in water treatment. That was big, a big account for us. And that really put my name on the map at Nalco. And I remember that meeting in '93. Everybody was talking about what I did. And my name was up on the board, you know. They'd write your name on a banner and all this stuff. And then, when we had the dinner and they were going to really recognize folks, they had this thing called The Winner's Circle. It was the top 6 salesmen in the nation for our division tha ...

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