by Jeff Schreve

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The Making of a Heart (2 of 6)
Series: Heartbeat
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Psalm 8

Well, about 5 years ago, we moved from a house in the Houston area, about 2 miles away, to a bigger house in the Houston area. And we had wanted to get a bigger house, and the market was good. It was a good time to sell. So we got this other house. But the house we left, the kids liked it because there was a basketball goal at that house. And the new house didn't have a basketball goal. And so I promised Amy and Sarah that I would get a basketball goal. And I told them I would get a good one. And so I went to Target and I was looking at different basketball goals you could get; you know, portable ones, and I got the most expensive one they had there. It was Plexiglas backboard. It looked real sturdy. It was one of those that you could easily adjust the height of it. It was great. And I said, "I'm going to get it." It looked so good in the store. But then you buy it. Comes in a box, and it's just this one big, huge box. It has those three dreaded words on the box, "Some Assembly Required" (laughter). The "some" was really used loosely there. I pulled it out of the box. There's like a million pieces. It was a lot of assembly required. And I'm not good at that. But I thought, You know, I've been playing basketball since I was in 5th grade. I mean, I know what a basketball goal looks like. I can put this thing together. And no lie. I'm not exaggerating. After 30 minutes, I'm on step 2 (laughter). Step 1 was pulling it out of the box. I mean, I got (laughter) that far. Step 2, put, you know, I couldn't do step 2. Thirty minutes. I'm getting a little frustrated. Forty-five minutes I'm looking on the directions to see if the name of the man that wrote the directions, if they had his names there, maybe his address. I was going to firebomb his house (laughter). I was so upset. It wasn't going well. Finally, I decided, you know, this basketball goal; it really isn't worth me loosing my salv ...

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