by Jeff Schreve

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Confessions of a Sinner (6 of 6)
Series: Heartbeat
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Psalm 51

If you have your Bibles, please turn to Psalm 51, Psalm chapter 51. I want to talk to you today about this message, "Confessions of a Sinner." Now I heard about a lady. She was having a Bible study in her home. They met there every Thursday. And all these ladies would come and they'd have their Bible study. And her little boy was not of school age yet, and he was there in the home. And his mother had told him, "Now listen. When the ladies come you go play somewhere else and don't bother us," Because they were deep in study and discussion and things. Well, he comes running in to the Bible study. They had been going for about 15 minutes. And he begins yelling and screaming and pulling at his mom. "Mom, come quick, come quick. There is a lion in the back yard." She said, "O Billy, there is not a lion in the backyard." "Yes, there's a lion in the backyard." She says, "You need to just be quiet and go play." "There's a lion in the backyard." And so he interrupts the whole Bible study. She says, "Well, let me go look." She goes and looks and she sees a big, yellow cat in the backyard, house cat. She looks at that cat, and she looks at Billy. She goes, "Billy, you know that's not a lion. You know that's just a cat." And all the ladies were now looking at her to see how she was going to respond. And she said to her son Billy, she said, "Now, Billy, what you need to do is you need to go upstairs to your bedroom and you need to talk to God about your sin of lying." He said, "Yes, madam." He goes upstairs, and they continue with the Bible study. And then they break for a refreshment time. And the little boy comes back downstairs. And one of the ladies sees him, and she said, "Now, Billy, did you talk to the Lord about what your mother told you?" "Yes, madam." "And what did the Lord say?" "Well, the Lord said to me, „Don't sweat it, Billy. First time I saw that cat, I thought it was a lion ...

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