by Jeff Schreve

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Feeling Inferior (1 of 8)
Series: God's Message to Your Emotions
Pastor Jeff Schreve
John 13:1-5

If you have your Bible, please turn to John chapter 13, John chapter 13. We're beginning a new series today on emotions. Emotions make life fun and exciting. You know, can you think of how boring life would be if God never created emotions? We'd all be like Mr. Spock on Star Trek. You know what the thing that the most that you ever got out of Mr. Spock was when he'd kind of put that eyebrow up and he would say, "Fascinating!" That was about the most emotion that guy ever showed because he was a Vulcan and vulcans didn't have emotion. But emotion makes life exciting. Can you imagine watching a football game and there's no emotion? You go to the game and nobody cheers, nobody claps. You have cheerleaders, but they're just standing there and the most they do is move a pom-pom, you know? And it's just like there's no fist-pump. There's, there's nothing. There's nobody that has any passion in the stands or on the field. Man when I watch a football game, I get excited. Somebody told me today, they said, "I like your pink tie." I said, "Well, it, it's really, when I got it, it was burnt orange, but it changes this color when you cry on it." You know, it's just one of those things. We like emotions.

But what about bad emotions? You know, everybody loves to feel love and joy and that sense of accomplishment and that sense of fulfillment and such a sense of peace. We love those kinds of emotions. What about the bad emotions? What about fear? What about worry? What about resentments? What about bitterness? What about guilt and loneliness and embarrassment? Boy, those are emotions that we don't really like. I'd rather not feel those kinds of emotions. But those emotions are important. Those emotions reveal so much about us.

Now up here on the platform, I have this little device. I would imagine most of you have something like this in your home. This is a smoke alarm. ...

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