by Jeff Schreve

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The Depths of Depression (8 of 8)
Series: God's Message in Your Emotions
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1 Kings 19

Please turn to First Kings chapter 19, First Kings chapter 19. We're going to finish up our series today entitled, "God's Message in Your Emotions: Tracing Emotional Pain to Victorious Living."

Now we've looked at many different emotions in this series. We've looked at the emotion of inferiority, of anger, of loneliness, of worry, of frustration, of guilt, of discontentment. And today, we want to look at the very sad and ugly and debilitating emotion called depression.

Depression is something that I think everybody in this room can relate to. You know, it, it ranges from the Monday morning blues to full-blown clinical depression. And somewhere between that spectrum, you can say, "Yeah, I have experienced a level of depression." Depression has been defined this way: "An emotional state of exaggerated feelings of sadness and intense discouragement that causes negative circumstances to overwhelm and debilitate a person's life." Somebody has said, you know, depression is a black curtain of despair that comes down upon a person's life. Hey, have you ever experienced that kind of depression, that black curtain of despair? Did you know what's weird about depression? Lots of people can be depressed and not know that they're depressed. They know something is wrong, but they don't know that it's depression.

I have a friend of mine who's a counselor, and he said, "Jeff, you would be amazed at the people who come in to me for counseling thinking they have a problem in this area or that area, and what they find is their problem is really depression."

I talked to a pastor this week who used to pastor in this city. And he said, "Jeff, when I was pastoring in Texarkana, I didn't realize it at the time, but I was extremely depressed. And it made pastoring so very difficult."

Maybe you're here and you're depressed and you don't really know it. You know ...

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