by Jeff Schreve

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The Cure for a Cold Heart (3 of 4)
Series: God's Amazing Grace
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ruth 3

Lord, help us to know that You're near. Thank You, Lord, that You're all that we need. And thank You, Lord, that You are mighty to save and You're a God of might and miracles. Lord, I pray for tonight, that You'd just bless Your Word as we study it and that You'd speak to hearts, hearts that might be suffering from the blahs. God, show Yourself so real and strong to people. And I pray that You'd work miracles in our midst this night, for we pray in Jesus? name, amen.

Well, last week I had the privilege of going to a couple of places. I went to California last Sunday for a meeting, and I was there a couple of days. And I got back to Texarkana, was only in town a few hours, and then I went to Guatemala with our church and we did a little pre-mission trip, scoping out some things. It was a great time. But it was a tiring time. And I got home Friday at about 4:30 and went out to eat with my wife and my kids. And then I woke up Saturday morning and I thought, I'm getting sick. And I felt it in my throat. And I just felt achy. And Debbie told me, "Oh, I've been hearing that the flu is going around. It's really bad." And so I instantly started on the offensive with the cold. I wasn't going to let it come at me. So I began to pray, and I started to drink all sorts of juice and tea, different types of tea, and honey.

There's this medicine out called Airborne that you just take it like every three hours when you feel a cold coming on. And so I was doing all this stuff. And I've been doing it, and I'm still not sure who's winning this battle. But, that's what you do when you feel like you might be getting sick. You start to take medicine and to do those things that you know to do to fight that off. That's what you do if you have a cold in your head.

But, hey, what do you do when you get a cold in your heart? What do you do when your heart starts to drift away from God ...

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