by Jeff Schreve

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The Redeemer (4 of 4)
Series: God's Amazing Grace
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ruth 4

God has brought you here tonight to speak to your heart because, although you might be sad tonight, God wants to turn that around. God is a miracle-working God. So He has a word for us who may be struggling tonight with a heavy heart and struggling with sadness. The Redeemer is here, and the Redeemer wants to touch your life. So look with me in Ruth chapter 4 and we?ll learn about our Redeemer, Jesus.

The Scripture says this: "Now Boaz…" Boaz was the relative of this man Elimelech who died. And Boaz was one who could be a kinsman redeemer, and I'll explain that in just a moment. But the Scripture says this: "Now Boaz went up to the gate and sat down there. And, behold, the close relative of whom Boaz spoke was passing by. So he said, „Turn aside, friend. Sit down here.? And he turned aside and sat down."

Boaz had told Ruth in Ruth chapter 3 that he would redeem her. He would marry her. He would buy back the land that her father-in-law, Elimelech lost because he moved away and he was in foreclosure now. He was going to buy back the land, and he was going to marry her, and he was going to raise up children in the name of the deceased, of her first husband and that family, Naomi's family. He was going to do that. Now that was called being a kinsman redeemer.

See, God had two things that were very, very important that He instilled in the mind and in the heart of His people. Number one was land. Land was really critical to them. Hey, they are still fighting in the Middle East over land, the Palestinians and the Jews. They fight over land. Land is important. And God wanted to keep the land in the family. When the twelve tribes got the land when they went into the Promised Land, they divided out the land. Each tribe got a hunk of land. And God wanted to keep the land in that tribe, keep the land in the family. So He had this law called the law of the kinsman redeemer, which me ...

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