by Jeff Schreve

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Are You Running From God? (1 of 4)
Series: Beyond the Glory - Seeing the Heart of God
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jonah 1:1-17

For decades there has been a Professor at Duke University he started at Duke and he is still there today his name is James Bonk. He teaches chemistry and for years and years and years he taught introductory chemistry. And he was an interesting Professor he was kind of a character and the students from what I could gather really liked him, but he was unpredictable. Well there were two boys, true story, two guys in his class and they were blowing away the class they were doing really well did well on their labs and their mid- term and all the papers and things they had to do for that class. And it came to the final, the final was on a Monday and these guys said "You know I mean let's have some fun this weekend." And so they decided to go to the University of Virginia and they left Durham North Carolina and drove to the University of Virginia. And hung out there and messed around there and caroused there. Their plan was, we'll come back Sunday, we'll study Sunday night we'll be ready for the test on Monday. But one thing led to another, they didn't leave on time so they didn't get back on time so they didn't get to study and they didn't get back to Durham until Monday morning, the time of the test. They hadn't studied any so they said "We won't take the test you can't take a final without studying at all." So they went to the Professor after the test was over and said to Dr. Bonk, they said "Dr. Bonk you know we went to the University of Virginia for the weekend and we were going to come back and study and what happened was we got a flat tire on our way back and so we didn't get back we missed the whole test because we didn't have a spare and so we were just stranded," said "can we take the test tomorrow?" And Dr. Bonk said "Hum, well I understand," he said "Yes you can take the test tomorrow. Come to my office tomorrow and you take the test." A ...

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