by Jeff Schreve

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From the Depths of Despair (2 of 4)
Series: Beyond the Glory- Seeing the Heart of God
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jonah 2:1-10

One of my favorite books that I've ever read has an interesting title it's titled Failure and How I Achieved It. (Laughter) Kind of slap in the face to all the books about self help and all this stuff. Failure and How I Achieved It, it's subtitled A Journey From Addiction to Hope, it's written by a former Pastor, and his name is Mike Courtney. Mike Courtney was called in the ministry when he was fairly young he served at a church and it seemed like everywhere he went God's hand of blessing was just all over him. And Mike had a wonderful wife and he had 2 great kids and he would be at a little church and all of a sudden the church would grow like crazy and everybody would say "Oh isn't Mike wonderful? He's such a great speaker he's such a great leader he's such a great visionary he's is just so charismatic and so winsome." And the church would just grow like crazy. But Mike had a problem he had moral problems in his life. He was very, very susceptible to any woman who would show him attention. And when a woman would begin to come on to him began to show him attention, he would go after her. And at his second church he fell into an affair. His wife found out about it but Mike denied it and said it was just an emotional affair, he lied to her and she believed him and she forgave him. And then God opened a door for another church and he went to this other church and at that other church things just began to explode with growth and good things. But there was another woman at that church who said that she really desired Mike and liked Mike and wished her husband was like Mike and so Mike just fell for her and he fell into an affair with her fell into adultery with her. And this time his wife found out and this time the overseers in his denomination found out and he was out. Well he begged his wife to forgive him and she forgave him but he was out o ...

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