by Jeff Schreve

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School's in Session (4 of 4)
Series: Beyond the Glory - Seeing the Heart of God
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jonah 4:1-11

Well as we've mentioned tomorrow is a big day for so many people for so many kids going to school and many kids are going to school for the very first time. Now I want us to see how many hands, you're going to school, to all day school for the very first time, can I see your hand? I guess they're little hands I can't see any. (Laughter) I know we have one over here and one over there, how about going to high school for the very first time, who's doing that? Going to middle school for the very first time, who's doing that? I don't know where, we used to have kids in our church, I don't know what happened. No they're scattered around but you know any time you get ready to go to school, for the very first time, a new school, and there is nervousness. I can remember like it was yesterday going to first grade, all day first grade, I was so nervous. And I remember I got into my classroom and I sat down and a guy sat down next to me, his name was Timmy Frigulia. What a name Timmy Frigulia, he had a briefcase. (Laughter) It's first grade Timmy. I mean I thought boy your parents should have just given you a sign that says "Hey I am Timmy, I am a nerd." I mean you bring your briefcase what kind of kid brings a briefcase? But he brought his briefcase. First grade is a scary grade. I heard about a little boy, first grader, first year in school he goes to school and at lunch time he talks to some of the other kids and then he's very sad and he comes to his teacher after lunch time and he's very upset. And she says "Johnny what's the matter with you?" He said "Well I was talking to some of the other kids at lunch time and they told me I have to stay at this school and go to school until I am eighteen years old." She said "There son, don't be so hard on yourself I have to stay here till I am sixty-five." (Laughter) You know most of us we love summer time we love ...

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