by Jeff Schreve

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Breaking Satan's Chains (4 of 6)
Series: Believing in God - Expecting Miracles
Jeff Schreve
John 8:31-37

Well, I remember back a number of years ago, Debbie and, and I and the girls went on our first real big vacation. We went to Breckinridge, Colorado for spring break. It was the first time that the kids had ever been on an airplane. It was the first time I'd ever spent that much money on a vacation for the five of us (laughter). And, ah, we were all excited. Now none of us ski, but we just thought, You know, it's going to be fun to be in the snow, to be in a new place. We've never been to Breckinridge. And, and we can play in the snow and do stuff. The kids will have a great time.

Well, we get to Denver. I rent a car. And then we drive, you know, the long drive from the Denver Airport to Breckinridge, as some of you have been there. And then our condo that we rented was on the third floor. And so, after hauling the luggage up to the third floor, I nearly died. I mean, that's altitude with an attitude in, ah, Breckinridge, Colorado. So after I revived and came to, we, we said, ''Let's go. We're going to go play in the snow.'' We, there's a, a good hill that we can slid on. And somebody gave me direction to this. Go to this place. It's so good. And so, I got lost. I'm really bad with directions. I got lost. And I had to turn around. And when I turned around, I got stuck in the snow. And, I mean, I was going forward, and I was going backward, and just getting more and more stuck. First day, I wanted to nuke Colorado. I was so mad, so mad.

And there is Debbie. She starts to laugh (laughter). She told me, she said, ''You know, I have a nervous laugh. And when things are not going good and you start getting frustrated (ministerially speaking, I was angry, spitting nails), when you get like that, it makes me laugh.'' It doesn't do good for my frustration when your wife is laughing at you. And we're stuck. I can't get us out. Finally, the Lord sends somebod ...

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