by Jeff Schreve

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Shattered Dreams (6 of 6)
Series: Believing in God - Expecting Miracles
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ruth 1:19-22

His name was Dwayne. God had called him into the ministry. He was pastoring a church in Texas. Things were going well. The Lord was blessing. And then, Dwayne came down with the flu. I mean, no big deal, really. I mean, people get the flu. But he was sick. You know, it, it was in his chest and then it was in his head, and he was all congested. But then, the flu went into his throat and he lost his voice. And although he got better from the flu after a couple of weeks, he still had laryngitis, still had no voice. And he went to one ear, nose, and throat doctor to another, all these specialists, and no one could figure out what was wrong with his voice. He had no voice.

Well, he had to take a leave of absence from his church, thinking surely after a few months this will get better. It didn't get better. Finally, he had to resign from his church. He couldn't talk. He had no voice. And he said, "Lord, You've called me into the ministry. You've called me to preach the gospel. And I can't preach 'cause I have no voice." And he said, "Lord, maybe You want me to write." And so, he talked to some publishers about writing for them. And they said, "Dwayne, you're an unknown. And if we were to try and publish your books and push your books, you'd have to go on tour and you'd have to speak, and you
can't speak. And so, therefore, we're not interested." And there sat Pastor
Dwayne. No church - no ministry. His dreams had shattered.

He was there in his house wondering, fearing, angry, bewildered. And he said in his heart to the Lord, "Who signed me up for this? I don't want this. Who signed me up for this?" His dreams had shattered.

Hey, can you relate to shattered dreams? Shattered dreams. You know, for Dwayne, it was some freak, weird illness that took away his voice. For other people it's sexual abuse that takes away t ...

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