by Keith Krell

I Will See God!
Keith Krell

Happy Resurrection Day! I know you came to church today to hear a positive and uplifting Easter message. However, you may hear something different than what you expected. Today, you are about to experience a story that will resonate with many of you. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Job. That's right, Job…as in "the patience of Job." When people's eyes scan my name, they immediately want to say "job" because my name is spelled J-O-B. Providentially, I guess you could say that Job was indeed given a "job" in the course of his life-a job entitled "suffering." Ironically, my name in Hebrew means "hated" or "much persecuted," which was indeed true of my life. But I prefer my Arabic name, which means "repentant one." This also became true of my life.

As I share my story, my hope is that you will learn about my life, my faith, and most importantly about my God. Since your pastor has not given me much time, I'm going to have to be brief…and that will be difficult since the book that bears my name is 42 long chapters. But I will give it my best shot. As I begin, there are a few things you should know about me.

1. I was a godly man (Job 1:1). Job 1:1 records that I was "blameless" and "upright." Ezekiel 14 declares me to be one of the three most morally upright humans who ever lived, along with Noah and Daniel (14:14, 20). These testimonies both humble and astonish me. Please understand these words do not indicate that I was perfect. Far from it! Like you, I was a sinful person (10:6; 13:23). However, I did seek to live an above-reproach life. I "feared God" and "turned away from evil" (1:1). I experienced the same temptations that you do, but I learned to push them off. Yet, despite my moral fortitude, I discovered that bad things happen to godly people. If you are a person of morality, integrity, and godly character please recognize that you are not exempt from suffering. Often, the godly suffer more than the ungodly. ...

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