by Jeff Strite

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The Triple Threat Stance (2 of 4)
Series: Game Changer
Jeff Strite
John 4:4-41

OPEN: (We began the sermon by showing portions of two separate videos by Michael Jordan describing the "Triple Threat" stance and how it works. The first video we showed the first 17 seconds of We followed that clip with the last few moments of another video We began this second video at the 1-minute mark and ran it until the end)

The Triple threat stance has become a staple of good offensive playing in Basketball. A player who masters this technique can gain the ability to essentially outplay the defense if he knows how to read his opponent. Done right the player has the ability to
• Shoot
• Pass
• Or dribble

This versatility can ultimately set the team up to score.

As I was researching this stance, I found that how you stand and how you hold the ball makes all the difference in how successful a player will be.

ILLUS: For example, I watched one video where the coach held the ball over his head and asked his young players to tell him how many options he had if he held ball this way.
Only one.
The only thing the player can effectively do while holding the ball that way is to pass. Therefore, this coach went on to say, in order for the triple threat to work the player has to hold ball low.

Another video showed a coach demonstrating the need to plant one foot learn to pivot to the right or left increase his offensive threat.

So, in other words, there was only one right way to do the triple threat.
If you don't do it right, you can lose your advantage, lose your edge against the other team, and ultimately you can lose the ball to them.

Done right - this stance is a powerful tool in playing basketball.
Done wrong - it can end up costing you your possession of the ball.

APPLICATION: Now this morning, we find Jesus introducing His own version of the t ...

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