by Jeff Schreve

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Will the Real God Please Stand Up? (1 of 8)
Series: Do You Want to be Blessed?
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Numbers 6:22-27

In 1956, a new game show, television game show hit the airwaves. It was called, "To Tell the Truth." How many in here have ever seen the game show, "To Tell the Truth?" All right. If you're younger, you probably have never seen it before. It was a very popular show. And this is how the show worked: You had a celebrity panel of four celebrities, and they were like the judges. And you had three people that came before them and sat in these three chairs. And they would tell a little bit about this one person who had done something, had a unique occupation, or had done something, some experience that was really unique and special. And all three of the people that stood before the judges, they claimed to be that one that had that unique occupation or that unique experience.

I think the most famous person that was ever on "To Tell the Truth" was a man named Frank William Abagnale. They did a story about him called, "Catch Me if You Can." Some of you had seen that movie.

Frank William Abagnale was a con man. He was a scam artist. He was on "To Tell the Truth." And all three of the guys came. He had two imposters with him, and he was there. And you remember how the show worked. The first person would say, "I am Frank William Abagnale." And then the other person would say, "I am Frank William

Abagnale." And then the real guy would say, "I am Frank William Abagnale." And the way the show worked is that the two imposters tried to trick the judges so that they would think that they were the real guy. It was a fun show. It was a little friendly deception.

And at the end of the show, at the end of the time, the judges would pick who they thought was the real one. And then you always had the host. Joe Garagiola was the host of that show. And I remember on that one episode - it's on YouTube, you can watch it - he said, "Will the real Frank Will ...

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