by Jeff Schreve

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Bringing Home the Blessing (2 of 8)
Series: Do You Want to be Blessed?
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Proverbs 20:7

If you have your Bible, please turn to Proverbs chapter 20, Proverbs chapter 20. I want to talk to you on this subject, "Bringing Home the Blessing."

In 1882, a child was born. His parents named him Joshua Hugh Wooden. Joshua Wooden spent most of his life as a farmer. He worked on a 65 acre farm that his wife had inherited, and he worked that farm and he just barely squeaked by there in Indiana. And then some events happened where he lost the farm. It was outside his control, but he lost the farm. And he was scrambling, trying to know what to do to take care of his wife and to take care of his four sons and so they moved to another town in Indiana where he began to work as a masseuse in this mineral spa bath place. And it was hot work and the mineral water that he had to work with smelled like rotten eggs. And he worked backbreaking hours and time in that hot environment to provide for his kids.

Joshua Hugh Wooden was a man of God and a man of integrity and a man who lived out his faith; a man who taught his sons never whine, never complain, never blame others, don't hate, don't get bitter at life, always do your best.

He was never famous, Joshua Hugh Wooden. Nobody really knew much about him. When he moved to that town and was working in that mineral bath place,

somebody came years later to interview some people that knew him. And they said, "You know he wasn't famous. He wasn't successful. He wasn't really anything. He was kind of invisible in this town." But he wasn't invisible at home. He wasn't invisible to his sons. He made such an impact on his boys, especially on one of his sons named John.

John Wooden became the coach of the UCLA Bruins in 1946. John Woodmen's name is a legend. He coached at UCLA for almost 30 years. He won 10 National Championships in 12 years. He had a time there where he had won 7 National Championships in ...

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