by Jeff Schreve

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When Blessings Abound (3 of 8)
Series: Do You Want to be Blessed?
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Deuteronomy 28:1-3

How many in this room would consider themselves animal people, can I see your hand? You say, "I'm a big animal person." Okay. How many would say, "You know, of animals, I'm a really big dog person," can I see your hand? Dog people, my wife is not here, if she were here, she would have her hand raised for animals, and she would have her hand raised for dogs. She and I didn't talk about that much when we were dating, and that never really came up because I was not much of an animal person. I was not much of a dog person. But I was a huge Debbie person. And so we have always had dogs. We have three dogs right now, and they're all inside dogs. And Debbie's favorite dog that she's ever had is Rocky. She just loves little Rocky. His name is Rocky Road, and I call him Gaudy Toad. And we've just shortened it to the Toad, so we call him the Toad. And the Toad, I've grown to like him. And I did come home once when he was a puppy, Sunday night after church, and he had chewed a hole in the wall. And I instantly thought of that verse in Amos chapter 4, verse 12: "Prepare to meet your God." I mean, I was about ready to kill him. And he almost didn't make it out of puppyhood.

But, you know, something changed within me just a few months ago when we brought home a brand new little dog named Lolabelle. Lolabelle is a 3 ½ pound

Chihuahua, deer-head Chihuahua. And for a guy who never really thought much of dogs, I love this little dog. I call this dog Little Pup. And she's just so little. And it's just amazing. I just marvel at her, how she looks like a Doberman and she's 3 ½ pounds. And you know one of the fun things about Little Pup is, in the mornings when I get up, she is so excited to get out of her little cage. And she just runs around. She has tons of energy. And she always wants to kiss. And so she'll jump up. Debbie and I are in the sitting room there. We'r ...

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