by Jeff Schreve

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When Hell Comes to Earth (4 of 8)
Series: Countdown to Armageddon
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Revelation 6:1-17

On May 30th 2003 in Philadelphia there was a terrible horrible crime that took place a sixteen year old boy, Jason Sweeney, had his first girlfriend, a fifteen year old girl names Justina Morley. And He thought it was just so wonderful that she likes me, my very first girlfriend, but he didn't know that she was just playing him. She knew he had a job she knew he had a construction job and she knew exactly when he got paid from this construction job and she had conferred with some other teenage friends and she was going to lead poor Jason into the woods pretending to offer him a make out session and the boys the other boys were going to be there. And that's what happened and Jason was led into the woods and those other boys attacked him and they beat him and beat him and beat him with a hatchet and with a hammer and they eventually killed him. The coroner said when they examined him his face was unrecognizable and every bone in his face had been broken except for one. When they arrested the murderers one of them said this "We took his wallet and split-up the money and partied beyond redemption." That was in America, you know we've read stories about the Columbine massacre in 1999, thirteen dead, twenty-one injured. We read and watched the news plus a number of others who were wounded. I read a story in January of 2006 about a couple in the UK they were babysitting a twelve week old baby and they raped that baby and took pictures of the rape and put it on the internet. You know we read stories like that and we say "What is the world coming to?" I tell you what the world is coming to: the world is coming to judgment. The world is coming to judgment, God sees all that. You know when Cain killed his brother Abel, the Lord saw that. The Lord said to Cain "The voice of your brother's blood is crying up to Me from the earth." You know how many babies we killed j ...

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