THE REIGN OF 666 (5 OF 8)

by Jeff Schreve

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The Reign of 666 (5 of 8)
Series: Countdown to Armageddon
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Revelation 13:1-18

If you have your Bibles please turn to Revelation chapter 13, Revelation chapter 13, we're in a series on the 2nd coming of Jesus entitled "Countdown to Armageddon" and today we want to look at this subject: The Reign of 666.

It was in 175 B.C. that a man came to power in Syria and in Palestine, he was arrogant, he was boastful, he was a hater of the Jews and a hater of the Jewish God, Yahweh. He outlawed Jewish worship he said that "You could no longer circumcise your babies on the 8th day as God had commanded His people to do." He said "They couldn't go to the synagogue and study." He outlawed temple worship. And if you were in violation of practicing Judaism then you were dealt with severely. The book of Maccabees tells us what this man did to people who defied him. One lady and her seven sons were brought before him and they wouldn't worship his image that he set up in the temple of God and they wouldn't bow and they wouldn't worship Zeus. And so what he did was he tortured each one of those sons in the sight of their mother. And then he cut out their tongues and then he fried each one of the boys on a hot iron plate in front of that mother. And then he killed that mother. He took two women who had circumcised their wall with their infants to their death. In three days this man killed 80,000 Jews and sold 40,000 as slaves and probably the worst thing that he did to defy the Jews and to defy the God of the Jews is he went into the temple and he sacrificed a pig on the altar and he splattered the blood of the pig all over the holy place and he set up an idol an image of the god Zeus. And he said "This is the god you will now worship." This man's name was Antiochus the IV but he called himself Antiochus Epiphanies, Antiochus the Shining One, Antiochus God Manifest. Antiochus Epiphanies, the Jews called him Antiochus Epimanes, Antiochus the crazy man. He ser ...

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