by Jeff Schreve

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When Heaven Comes to Earth (7 of 8)
Series: Countdown to Armageddon
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Revelation 20:1-10

Well a surgeon and an architect and a politician were having a conversation and they were discussing amongst themselves which profession of the three was the oldest profession. And the surgeon said "Well obviously being a surgeon is the oldest profession, why it was surgery where Adam, God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and took out of his side a rib. And from that rib He made Eve and that required surgery, so a surgeon is the oldest profession." And the architect said "Well you know that's true but before God created Adam and Eve order came out of chaos and that took an architect." And the politician said "Yes, that's true but who caused the chaos?" (Laughter)

Now ever since the fall of Adam and Eve the fall of man in the Garden of Eden there has been chaos on earth. We read about the chaos in Genesis chapter 4, the very next chapter from the fall, chaos between Cain and Abel as Cain in anger in jealousy in rage murders his brother Abel. Ever since the fall there's been murder there's been strife there's been hatred there's been war there's been poverty there's been sickness. And have you ever noticed whenever we have an election we have these politicians and they get up and they talk about how they're going to put a chicken in every pot and how we're going to have glorious new days ahead. And so we get all wrapped up and man, we're going to vote for so and so because if we vote for so and so we get peace and we get prosperity and we get all these good things. And then what happens? Where's the peace where's the prosperity where are the glory days? They're not there. So many politicians they promise so much and they deliver so little. The truth of the matter is this: there will not be peace and prosperity and glory days until the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ, comes to rule and reign on this earth. Now when Jesus taught His discipl ...

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