by Jeff Schreve

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The Saddest Day in History (8 of 8)
Series: Countdown to Armageddon
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Revelation 20:11-15

A few months ago Larry and Don and I went to California for a conference and it was a special deal at this conference it was a big, big, huge hotel and conference center. And we had accommodations at the hotel because we went to the conference and they gave us a special rate and we were on the 75th floor of this gigantic hotel and conference center they gave us the nicest room that they had, it was amazing, all part of the package we didn't have to pay any more for it. And we got through the conference and we were going up to our room and we got to the lobby and they told us they said "Hey we've got bad news, the elevators are out (Laughter) and they're not going to be back on for quite awhile." And so we had to get back up to the room so we said "Alright we're just going to have to walk." And I looked over at Larry and I looked over at Don and I said to both of those guys "Listen as we're walking up there if either of you have a heart attack I am not giving you mouth to mouth. I mean we're just not going to do that." (Laughter) And so I said "Listen, let's do this, to pass the time" I said "for the first 25 floors I'll tell jokes because I like to tell jokes and that'll help us to keep our mind off the fact that we're walking 75 floors. And for the next 25 floors Don will sing and lead us in can tell sad stories. (Laughter) Just talk about your life, I don't know just share sad stories." And so they all agreed and so for the first 25 floors I told funny jokes and I was slaying them, and they started laughing. And it didn't seem like hey, it's 25 floors not too bad. And then Don began to sing and we began to worship and it was wonderful. And then we hit floor 51 and it was Larry's turn to tell a sad story and sad stories. He said "I think I'll start with the saddest story of all, I left the room key downstairs in the car." (Laughter) You remember that ...

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