by Jeff Schreve

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The Winner's Circle (1 of 7)
Series: Get Real
Jeff Schreve
2 Peter 1:1-4

We are starting a series tonight on the book of 2nd Peter. It's a great little book written by Simon Peter, the apostle, right before he died. And tonight, as we begin this series called, ''Get Real: How to Live the Christian Life in the Last Days,'' an authentic Christian life, we want to look at this subject: ''The Winner's Circle.''

And one of my favorite teams in sports when I was a kid growing up was the UCLA Bruins. My brother went to UCLA. And when he was there, John Wooden was the basketball coach. John Wooden coached at UCLA for 27 years. John Wooden is a tremendous Christian, and he was a tremendous coach. And John Woodmen's teams at UCLA in the 60s and 70s won an incredible amount of basketball games. They had a home court record at Polly Pavilion when John Wooden was the basketball coach there of 149 victories and 2 losses. That's amazing. They had 88 wins in a row. Previous record had been I think 60. And they just blew it away, 88 wins in a row. They won 7 consecutive national championships. Well, that's a record that's going to stand forever, cause no one in college basketball today is ever going to do that. They won 10 national championships in 12 years. And under Coach Wooden, they had 4 full undefeated seasons. Amazing what he did as the coach of that team.

Now he got great players, but he was a great coach, and he had a great system. And any time you watched UCLA play during those heyday years, you just knew they were going to win. And if the game got tight, you knew that UCLA was not going to make a mistake, because they had the mindset of a winner and not the mindset of a loser. In sports, so many gab, games are so mental. Yogi Bara said about baseball that half the game was 90% mental. I mean, it, sports - that was a joke - sports are just so mental. And he taught those guys to be winners - and they were.

Now, did you know in the Christian life you ar ...

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