by Jeff Schreve

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Satan's Secret Agents (4 of 7)
Series: Get Real
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Peter 2:1

We're going to be studying tonight in 2nd Peter chapter 2 in our series, "Get Real" on the book of 2nd Peter about authentic Christianity and how to life an authentic Christian life. And we're going to talk tonight about this subject: "Satan's Secret Agents."

Now I heard about a man. He was unemployed, and he had no place to live and no place to go, and he was just living on the streets. And he had nothing to eat, and he was so hungry. And he was walking down the street one day and he passed a zoo. And there was a sign outside in front of the zoo that said, „Help wanted for today." And so he went inside the zoo. And the man at the zoo talked to him, and he said, "Now listen." He said, "I need a guy just for today." He said, "We had our gorilla get sick and it had to go to the vet, and it is not available. And the Girl Scouts are coming in today to the zoo. And one of the attractions they really like is the gorilla. And so we don't have a gorilla, so we need to hire you and put you in a gorilla suit, and we want you to play the gorilla for the day for the Girl Scouts." And he said, "Well, how much does it pay?" He said, "At the end of the day I'll give you $50.00. But I'm not going to give you anything until after you work the day." And so the man was so hungry, and he said, "Okay." He said, "I guess I can hold out until the end of the day to get my $50.00 so I can get something to eat."

So he puts on the gorilla suit. And he's there in the cage pretending to be a gorilla. And the Girl Scouts come by. And he does a few things. You know, the Girl Scouts are looking and saying, "Well, that gorilla doesn't do anything." So he, he kind of jumped around al little bit, you know, like gorillas do, and he makes a gorilla noise, ha-ha-ha. You know, he does that stuff. And the Girl Scouts, one of them broke a cookie in half and threw it in the cage. And he was starving to death. So ...

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