by Jeff Schreve

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The King is Coming (6 of 7)
Series: Get Real
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Peter 3:3

We're in 2nd Peter on Sunday nights. And tonight, we're in chapter 3 in a message I've entitled, "The King is Coming."

Now, as, I think, most in here know, or many know, I'm from Houston. We moved to Houston from California when I was in 7th grade. And I wasn't in Houston too long before I became a Houston Oilers fan. And I know a lot of people from Texarkana were probably Dallas Cowboy fans, and especially during the glory years when the Cowboys were really winning. And they might have some glory years in the future with the Big Tuna there. But the Oilers were the team that never seemed to win. And then we started to get some success because we got Earl Campbell. And I became a huge Houston Oiler fan when we had Earl. And, then, from Earl we had Warren Moon and some other players. And I can still remember, it was January 3, 1993, and Oiler fans had high hopes. And the Oilers went to Buffalo, and they were playing in a play-off game against the Buffalo Bills. And the Oilers were doing great. And the half-time score was 28-3, Oilers ahead. And I was pretty excited. It was a play-off game. Man, we're looking good. But it was the Houston Oilers. See the Oilers were the only team that could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I mean, it was that kind of a team. And so I was a little skeptical. It was about 28-3 and the game's not over. And the first series of the second half the Buffalo Bills went down the field and Frank Wright threw an interception and Bubba McDowell ran it back for a touchdown. Houston was up 35-3. I called my best friend, Mike Clerch. I said, "Mike, we've won. Even the Oilers can't lose a game when they're up by 32 points in the third quarter." But I was wrong. In the greatest comeback in the history of the NFL, the Houston Oilers lost to the Buffalo Bills in overtime 41-38. It was the greatest comeback in history. Now, if you're an Oiler fan, it just broke ...

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