by Jeff Schreve

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Going the Distance (1 of 7)
Series: Fourth Quarter
Jeff Schreve
Hebrews 12:1-3

You can't really judge a game just based on three quarters. You can be down by 16 points. You can be down by 26 points. The fourth quarter is what wins ball games. Have you ever noticed that football teams, they do this a lot: At the end of the third quarter, you look on the sidelines and a lot of guys hold up four fingers? Why? It's fourth quarter, fourth quarter. I don't care what's happened in the first three quarters. The fourth quarter wins games. Now just as that's true in football, it's true in life - the fourth quarter. It's not so much how well you start; it's how well do you finish?

We are starting a new series of messages today that I've entitled, "The Fourth Quarter: Finishing Strong for Jesus Christ." And today's sermon is entitled, "Going the Distance." See, God wants you to go the distance for Him. And we've all heard that phrase, that familiar phrase, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Everybody's heard that. But you know what it is for so many, really? The phrase is this, the truth of that phrase: When the going gets tough, so many get lost. They quit! They say, "Aw." They turn off the game. "Aw, we're beat. I mean, things are too difficult. Things are too much against us. I quit." They throw in the towel. That's not what God wants. And maybe you're here today and you're down, and you're discouraged, and you've had tough things come up against you, and you want to just quit. You want to say, "I'm going to get lost, too. Forget this Christianity thing. I mean, forget this walking with God. My life is so hard right now. And this isn't helping me." And you're tempted to give up. The Lord has brought you here to speak to your heart, to encourage your heart, to refresh your heart, because He wants you to go the distance for Him. It's worth it.

Hebrews chapter 12, the writer says this: "Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses sur ...

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