by Jeff Schreve

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Ambushed (2 of 7)
Series: Fourth Quarter
Jeff Schreve
Proverbs 4:26

In 1999, I led a mission trip to east Africa to Kenya. And we were there for 2 weeks working in the bush with the people. And we'd go from village to village and during the day and then come back at night to the hotel where our team was staying in. And after we were there at the halfway point, they gave us about a day and a half to go on safari. They figure, you know, you came a long way to go to Africa. It would be good to go on a safari. So I led a group and got the guide. I didn't lead it, but I was there, kind of the point person. And we went on a safari to this really cool place. And they flew us in on this little plane. And we landed on this little airstrip. And you're in the Serengeti. I mean, this is where they film National Geographic. You're just right there. And so quickly wanted to get on some type of a vehicle, a bus or something that was closed in, you know, because you're just out there and you don't know what's there. And they drove us to this camp. And I felt so good because when we got to the camp, there was a big electric gate and fence all around the encampment. And, you know, you've got alligator or crocodiles outside. You've got wildebeest. You've got rhinos. You've got elephants. You've got big cats. And so we were there. And the very first opportunity, we went out to see all the wild life. It was right at dawn. The sun was just about getting ready to come up. It was still dark when we packed in. And we traveled about, outside the gate, we traveled about 100 yards and this is what we saw. Two big cats right outside. They were waiting for us for breakfast. They were like, ''Our breakfast, fellas.'' And you know they were just kind of out there. They were looking to see what might come out the gate.

Now I did some studying about lions. And, you know, when you have lions out there, you have, leopards out there, you have cheetahs out there. A lion and a cheetah hun ...

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