by Jeff Schreve

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Shipwrecked by Success (3 of 7)
Series: Fourth Quarter
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Chronicles 26:3-8, 15-21

It was 1988. I got on an airplane to go to Chicago for an interview with Nalco Chemical Company. It was a big opportunity for me and for Debbie and for our family. It was a position that paid a lot more money that had a lot more potential a lot more opportunity than what I was currently doing at my other job. And I got on that plane and I was nervous. And I got to Chicago. And Nalco in Naperville, Illinois, it was a big deal. They picked us up in a limousine and we went to the headquarters there in Naperville. And boy, I was just praying and trusting God that I wouldn't, you know, stumble on the interview. And the Lord blessed, and I did well on the interview. And I was getting ready to go back home. It was just a quick trip. You know, you just interview and then get out of here. And I was getting ready to go back home. And they said, "Hey, we've got a little bit of time before your plane leaves." The Personnel Manager said this to me. He said, "Let me take you up to the fifth floor." The fifth floor at Nalco in Naperville was the executive floor. It's just referred to as the fifth floor. That's where the president and the CEO and all the fat cats hung out, on the fifth floor. We went up to the fifth floor. You walk around. It's like Nalco heaven in the fifth floor. I mean, it was just like, oh, you're on the fifth floor. Be very careful. Be very quiet. You're on holy ground. That was kind of how they treated that, all the employees. And this one guy told me, he said, "Just think. Maybe one day one of us could make it to the fifth floor!" Gosh, I looked at him. Get a life, you know. But it was just, Wow! I mean for any Nalco guy coming in, I mean, there was just this desire to go to the fifth floor because the fifth floor meant success. That meant you had arrived. You were an executive in a Fortune 500 company at that time. Nalco did 1.5 billion in sales. ...

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