by Jeff Schreve

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Overcomers Anonymous (6 of 7)
Series: Fourth Quarter
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Genesis 37 - 41

It was 1997. I had just come on staff at Champion Forest Baptist Church. And I went to a conference in Southern California with a group from our church, a lot of the guys from the music office. And we were there at Saddleback, Rick Warren's church, and we were going through the conference. It was a great conference. And then, many of them had to be back at Champion Forest because we had a Saturday night service. The associate youth minister and I didn't have responsibilities where we had to get back. So we stayed over to go to Rick Warren's service. I had never been to a church service at Saddleback. So we had about three-quarters of a day on Saturday to just goof around Southern California. And my friend Tony said, "We need to go to Universal Studios. That would be a lot of fun." The theme park, Universal Studios. And I said, "Man, that's great." And he said, "Listen. I've been to Universal in Florida. There is a ride there called Back to the Future." He said, "It is the coolest ride." He said, "I rode it over and over again. Boy, we have to go to Universal. You have to ride that ride." I was all pumped. Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox and that other guy with the weird, wild hair, the professor guy. And so I'm getting jazzed up. And we're standing in line to go on the Back to the Future ride. I asked Tony, "Now does this ride do anything to you? Does it spin you around, because I don't do well if rides spin me around. I have kind of an inner ear problem." At Astro World they used to have a ride called The Barrel of Fun where you'd just spin around and stick to the wall. And it was not fun for me. I know that's not a good ride. He said, "Oh no, you'll love it." I should have noticed the sign as I was going up to the ride, "Not for pregnant women, people who get dizzy, pastors or wimps." I didn't read that sign.

So we get in there. And some of you have been on the ...

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