by Jeff Schreve

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Good Marriages Don't Just Happen (1 of 7)
Series: Desperate Households
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 4

Well, as those of you know it was almost four weeks ago when I tore up my knee playing basketball. I jumped up, and my tendon snapped, and my kneecap tore in half. And that was on a, a, Monday. And then, Thursday I had surgery. And he told me, my doctor told me, "Now, three weeks after surgery you can start rehab." And he said, "You have to be careful on the rehab. You can't do too much because your bone still has to heal." And, you know I've been down this road before and I know it takes a long time. It was four months last time before I could run again when I tore my other one. And so this is a new leg. Maybe it can go less than four months. But I've been through the rehab.

Rehab is tough. Any of you that have ever gone through rehab - if you've ever had a knee injury and you had to go through rehab, you get your knee replaced. You got to go through a lot of rehab. If you don't go through rehab, if you just say, "Well, you know, the doctor did everything. I mean, he stitched it all up. He sewed it all up. And now I'll just wait the two or three months, whatever it takes, and then I'll be as good as new." No! If you don't go through rehab, you never get your leg back right, and especially on a knee. If you don't work that knee, you lose your flexibility. You lose your range of motion. People who don't do rehab end up having a stiff joint and they have a lot of difficulty because they can't bend their knee. And scar tissue builds up. But if you go to rehab, it's a lot of work, it's a lot of pain, it's a lot of sweat, it's a lot of "Own, that hurts. Don't do that any more." And then you've got to build up that muscle. You know, if I want to get my knee back, I have to rehab. And if I don't rehab, I won't get a good, strong knee. I mean, that's just obvious. Every body knows that.

You know, in life, if you want something good, you have to do what is ...

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