by Jeff Schreve

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Turning Him On and Off (3 of 7)
Series: Desperate Households
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1 Peter 3:1-6

Henry Ford, the great auto maker of yesteryear, was asked at his 50th wedding anniversary, they said, "Mr. Ford, what is the secret to a long and happy marriage." He said, "The secret is just like autom, automobile manufacturing. Find a good model and stick with it." And that's so true in marriage. You find the love of your life and you stick with that love until death.

When Debbie and I first got married (we've been married 20 years), when we first got married, she made a little cross stitch and we had it in our kitchen for a long time. And it said this: "Choose your love; love your choice." And she and I chose each other on March 15, 1986, and we have made a commitment to love our choice.

Now just like in any marriage, our marriage is no different than your marriage in that we have ups and we have downs. We have good times and we have bad times. And it's amazing since I started this sermon series on marriage; we have been at each other's throats. It's just….we were working on this sermon for tonight, and it's like, "I don't even like you. And we got to stand up in front of everybody." And she said, "Well, I don't like you more." I mean, it's one of those types of things. But we've worked it out and so that's good.

But, hey, you're always going to have bumps in the road. But the commitment to the Lord and to each other makes all the difference in the world. And when you go into marriage, you just know that that is the one for me for the rest of my life. And everyone else, next to my wife, next to my husband, is a dud, because she's the one, he's the one for me. And we wanted to share just a, a fun little song that kind of puts that into perspective.

Sketch on IMAG.

We appreciate that. That was fun, wasn't it? See, one of the things about marriage, you need to have fun. And we almost got divorced working on that song, but it was fun for you guys ...

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