by Jeff Schreve

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A Slice of Heaven (6 of 7)
Series: Desperate Households
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Psalm 128

Well, ever since TV started in the 1950s or 40s or whenever it started, I wasn't around then. But when it did come on the scene - I think it was the 50s - we have had television sitcoms that talk about the family and explain about the family and we would see a slice of America from Ozzie and Harriet and from The Cleavers and from Dennis the Menace and his family. And, you know, all of those early shows had normal, wholesome families. They had mom. They had dad. They had the kids. And there would always be a conflict. There'd be a problem, but they'd solve it in the end. And dad was always, a, a figure that was there, and he was involved. Ward Cleaver was such a great dad.

But then, you start going through the years and you hit All In The Family. And All In The Family was kind of a dysfunctional family. They had a lot of fighting and yelling. And Archie was such a bigot. And he was so horrible to his wife. And we started to see that for a while.

And then, we've evolved into shows like The Simpsons and Married With Children and all sorts of dysfunction there. And then, you get into the reality shows. Is any family more dysfunctional than the Osbornes? I mean, is, there, could there ever be a family more dysfunctional? You know the one that comes the closest to it was poor Danny Partridge. They had a show about his family. I think they took it off. It was just too miserable to watch. It was like watching someone getting a head-on collision. That guy was just self destructing before your eyes. Listen. If you're ever tempted to do drugs, just listen to a clip of Ozzie Osborne. You'd never want to do drugs if you see that and you look at the dysfunction in those families.

But, you know, the family is under attack. And the family, as you watch in culture, - you know, TV?s a mirror of what the culture thinks is valuable - and you watch, and the family is just being pus ...

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