by Jeff Schreve

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Identity Theft (3 of 5)
Series: Breaking the Chains of Religion
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1 Peter 2

If you have your Bibles, please turn to 1st Peter chapter 2, 1st Peter chapter 2. I want to talk to you today about your identity in Christ. I heard a story - it had circulated around some years ago - about Bill Clinton. You know, Bill Clinton, one of the things that he's known for, obviously, is President during the 90s. But one of the things that people know Bill Clinton for is his charm and his charisma. And the people that I have talked to that have ever gotten to meet him say it's amazing how charming he is.

Well, one day, Bill Clinton decided to spread some cheer and some charm. And he went to a nursing home. And he thought he would visit with the people. You know, oftentimes in a nursing home people are down and discouraged and depressed. And so he went in there. He began to talk to a lady who was in a wheelchair, and she was just out in the hallway. And he began to talk to her. And she didn't really want to talk to him. She was just blowing him off. And so he tried a little more. She was just still blowing him off. And he didn't understand it. And, finally, he said to her, he said, "Ma'am, do you know who I am?" She looked at him and she said, "No, sir, I don't, but if you'll talk to that nurse at the front desk, she could help you."

Do you know who you are in Jesus Christ? So many Christians don't know who they are. They don't really understand their identity as believers in Jesus. See, a huge

transformation takes place when you go from darkness to light; when you go from lost to saved. So many wonderful things that God tells us about once we, trust Christ as Savior and Lord. The Bible talks about being in Adam. "As in Adam, all die." That's the lost state. But, "In Christ, are all made alive." And so when you go from Adam to Christ, wonderful things happen in your life and you have a new identity, but so many of us don't see that. We don't rea ...

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