by Jeff Schreve

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When You Feel Like Quitting (3 of 9)
Series: Braveheart
Jeff Schreve
Daniel 7:25

Well, my favorite movie character in all the movies is a guy named Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion. I just love Rocky. And I am so excited because Christmas he's coming out with ''Rocky VI'' (yeah). It's amazing. Rocky is sixty. Sylvester Stallone is sixty years old. I've been told that the plot of this movie is that Rocky gets in this fight with his orthopedic surgeon over a botched hip replacement (laughter). Not really!

But do you know what I love about Rocky Balboa, the character Rocky Balboa? He is a fighter with limited ability, but limitless heart, and he just, he's like a Timex watch. He takes his licking and he keeps on ticking. But in the Rocky series there was a time where when, when Rocky had enough, the time when he was just through. Life came pressing in on him, and circumstances were just too overwhelming, and it was too tough, and it was too heartbreaking, and he wanted to throw in the towel. Maybe you can relate when you feel like quitting, when you feel like throwing in the towel. ''It's all over,'' you say. God has a word when you feel like that. And I think all of us can relate to getting to the place in life where the burdens and the pressures and the difficulties, they just come in like a flood. Maybe it's in your marriage and you've tried and tried and tried and nothing seems to get better, and you say, ''You know what? I quit. throw in the towel.'' And you got that towel in your hand. Maybe you're here today on your marriage. You've got your towel in your hand. You're ready to quit. You're ready to throw it in. Maybe it's on your business. Maybe you're watching on television, and you're a pastor, and things are tough and difficult, and you've got the towel in your hand. You got your resignation letter typed up. You're ready to quit. As Jerry Falwell has said, ''It's always too early to quit.'' And God wants to encourage our hearts as we study ''Br ...

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