by Jeff Schreve

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Dragon Slayer (5 of 9)
Series: Braveheart
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Revelation 12:7-11

About a week ago, it was on a Saturday, I was at home, and Debbie and I had gone on a walk. And then, after the walk I took a shower, and I was just kind of lying on the bed, and I was flipping around on the channels and I came to the Sci-Fi channel. You know, the Sci-Fi channel's kind of a cool channel. You always kind of wonder, What's on the Sci-Fi channel? And I'm a Star Trek fan, an old Star Trek fan. Sometimes I wonder if, if Captain Kirk will be on there and watch a little bit of him. But I flipped around and I saw this show. I'd never heard of it before and never seen it before, but I noticed one of the actors. It was Dean Kane. Dean Kane played Superman in, in the old Superman series. And I like Dean Kane, so I started watching it. And in this show he was fighting a dragon. And it, it was a movie. It was called Dragon Fighter - real creative title - Dragon Fighter. And he was fighting this dragon. Somehow the scientists had come, kind of like a Jurassic Park thing, and they made this, this dragon. And the dragon, he wasn't like Barney, and he wasn't very nice, and he started to kill everybody. He was a real legendary dragon: fierce, ferocious, fire breathing dragon. And everyone started to die, everyone but Dean Kane, but he died at the box office. So it just wasn't a big (laughter) hit. And it's not going to vie Pirates of the Caribbean. You're not going to see it up with the Emmys. Dragon Fighter. But I thought about that. I thought, Wow, could you imagine having to go up against a dragon? It would be pretty scary. Dean Kane and all the people in the movie were scared of the dragon.

Now the Bible calls the devil "the great dragon." When God wants to describe him to us, He tells us he's the great dragon. Not just any old dragon. He is the great dragon. And just like the dragons in literature and the dragons in movie, the devil, in movies, the devil is fierce. The ...

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