by Jeff Schreve

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Do You Want Your Life to Count? (5 of 6)
Series: Back on Track
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 28:16-20

His name was John Outlaw Baker, III. He was my 9th grade basketball coach. Coach Baker, big guy, played, I think, offensive lineman when he was younger. He had kind of let himself go. He was a big fella, he chewed Red Man. Everywhere he went he chewed Red Man. He carried a Folgers can with him everywhere he went. I'm not lying. You're talking to him, and he'd just be spitting. And, you know how some guys do Red Man, where they take it out of the pouch and they kind of form it, and then they put it back in their mouth. He just took it and just like that and just kind of worked it with his tongue. Sometimes in basketball practice, he'd bring a paddle with him. And if you made a bad pass, "Shreve, come over here." "I don't want to come over to see you." "Yeah, come over. Bend down." He gave me a swat for throwing a bad pass at practice. I was like telling the rest of the guys, "Don't throw it to me. I'm scared of Coach Baker." Well, that was 9th grade.

In 10th grade, they opened a new school. And I left Cyprus Fairbanks High School and went to Cyprus Creek High School. And they promoted Coach Baker to the head football coach. I played basketball, so I was okay with that. And I liked Coach Baker. He's a nice guy. I didn't like him when he swatted me, but I liked him. He's just a kind of an interesting guy. And he had a particular expression that as athletes we kind of latched on to. This expression was this: If he had a player on the team that wasn't contributing, that wasn't really counting, that was just kind of suiting up, but not making any difference at all, he called that guy, "a chicken fryer." You'd say, "Well, what's a chicken fryer?" He said, "Let me tell you what a chicken fryer is, boys." He said "A chicken fryer is a guy who's on the team, and the only reason he's on the team is so he can sit on the bus on the awa ...

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