by Jeff Schreve

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Trust and Obey (2 of 6)
Series: Attitude for Altitude
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Luke 5

Years ago, when my kids were still little and we were living in Houston, it was before my conversion to dogs, but we did have dogs because Debbie had been converted as a little kid to a dog lover. It's taken me a while, but I've just recently been converted but at that time I wasn't. And we had these two dogs, a male and a female. One was a miniature Dachshund and one was a part Dachshund, part Chihuahua. There's a name for that. They call them a Chiweenie. I didn't know that. They're an actual dog. Well, they bred and they had puppies. And so we were selling the puppies. I was liking the dogs a little bit better when we started making money off of them. We kept one little puppy. I got to pick. And I picked an all-black one, and I named the puppy Midnight. And she was so cute, and she was so cuddly. Unbeknownst to me, she was the spawn of Hell. She was the worst dog in the world. She was terrorizing and destroying our house.

We came home from church one day and she had taken all the dirty laundry out of the laundry room and had spread it all over the backyard, every piece. It's just like, well, what's up with that? Toilet paper, she'd take the whole roll and rip it up in little pieces. I told Debbie, I said, "Midnight is getting ready for a dirt nap if we don't do something about this." So Debbie found somebody that would take Midnight. Not just take Midnight; buy her! We threw in the cage and everything, a hundred bucks, the whole deal. They took the dog. I was like it's great! Five days later brought the dog back. Said, "There's something wrong with this dog. This dog doesn't obey. I don't care what you do. You get a, a shock collar, she just won't obey." So I said, "What am I going to do?" I can't keep Midnight. So I called Dachshund Rescue in Houston and I said, "We have a, a miniature Dachshund a Chiweenie, and we want to bring her in." She said, "Is she in trouble?" "Yes ...

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