by Jeff Schreve

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Praying Big (3 of 6)
Series: Attitude for Altitude
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1st Chronicles 4:9-10

If you have your Bible, please turn to 1st Chronicles chapter 4, 1st Chronicles chapter 4. I think all of us would agree that the name Donald Trump is a household name. Donald Trump is a real estate magnate. He is a television star with the program, "The Apprentice." He is an author. He is, or was, kind of a quasi-presidential candidate. He's a multi-billionaire. His net worth is recognized, its 2.7 billion dollars. But you know one thing about Donald Trump? He comes up with some pretty good sayings periodically, and this one he came up with I really like. He said, "As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big." Think big! Man, that's pretty good. And Donald Trump thinks big. And Donald Trump has experienced a lot of big in his life.

Now I'd like to take that quote and I'd like to twist it and alter it just a little bit and present to you this quote: "As long as you're going to be praying anyway, pray big." Pray big! Why, because God is a great big God.

We're in a series on attitudes. We've entitled this series, "Attitude for Altitude," how to rise up above your circumstances, your situations, your problems. It has to do with your attitude. As Chuck Swindoll said, "It's the really the only one string that you and I have to play is attitude." And today, we want to talk about the attitude of holy audacity, the attitude of asking God for big things in life. God is a big God. God wants you to ask for big things. One of my favorite poems says this: "You are coming to a King; large petitions with you bring. For His grace and power are such, no one can ever ask too much." So pray big.

Larry Sims was in Dallas the other day and he found this little plaque, and he got it for me. He thought it fit the sermon, "Pray Big." I like it. It's really good. Pray big! Man, what a great reminder. You know why that's such a great reminder? Because I fall into the same ...

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