by Jeff Schreve

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Standing in the Face of Discouragement (5 of 11)
Series: Arise and Build
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Nehemiah 4: 1-17

In June of 1997, I got a big moving truck, pulled it into my house in Houston. We loaded everything in our house that we hadn't sold. We loaded it on that truck to drive it 1200 miles to go to seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I had some friends that drove the truck for me, and, ah, so then, I piled Debbie and the girls into our van and, ah, we went and made that long journey. I felt a little like Abraham when he left Ur of the Chaldees to go to the Promised Land. I knew that God had called me, and I was excited about what was going to, ah, lay ahead for me.

Well, when I got to North Carolina, and we had a house that we rented. And we went from 2700 square feet down to 1400 square feet, so there was a, a lot of difference there. And, ah, I started going to school. And we joined a church. And, and I was thinking, you know, ah, things, they're, they're just going to be doors that open up. And I had taught a Sunday school class, ah, in Houston, and, ah, it was a large class. And I thought, you know, I wonder who's going to ask me to teach the class. And nobody asked me to do anything. No one, ah, wanted me to teach their class or, or do anything like that. I wasn't getting opportunities to preach. But Debbie was getting all kinds of opportunities. And people were like, "Hey, can you sing? We'd love for you to sing." And it's like, "Hey, time out here. We moved for, because of me, not because of her" (laughter).

And I finally got the pastor to agree to let me teach a marriage class before church on Sunday night, so I would do it. We had church at, at 6:00, I think. So from 5 to 6 I was going to do this marriage class. And I printed up flyers. And I went down in the neighborhood and went door to door and handed out flyers and thought we were just going to have a, a big group, you know.

First Sunday I got to do it, ah, we had 6, and that ...

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