by Jeff Schreve

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Real Revival (8 of 11)
Series: Arise and Build
Jeff Schreve
Nehemiah 8:1-18

In the late 1800s, there was a boxer who came on the scene in America. His name was Norman Selby. But he didn't really like that name. He didn't sound tough enough. So he changed his name. When he would fight, he came up with a better name. He called himself Charles ''the kid'' McCoy. And Charles ''the kid'' McCoy was a really good boxer. He was welter-weight champ and this other weight champ and that other weight champ. He tried to be heavy-weight champ, but he wasn't very big. He only weighed 160 lbs. Not a big guy, but he packed quite a punch. He was voted by Ring Magazine as one of the 100 greatest punchers of all time.

Now when Charles ''the kid'' McCoy began to gain a lot of popularity, other folks tried to jump on the bandwagon and they called themselves Kid McCoy. So Charles ''the kid'' McCoy didn't like that very much, and he began to call himself Kid, the real McCoy and it kind of stuck. And it's used today to talk about something that's the genuine article. We say, ''That is the real McCoy. It's the real thing.''

Now today, in our study in Nehemiah, our sermon series we've been calling, ''Arise and Build,'' we get to a place where there is real revival going on with the people of God. It's the real McCoy. It's found in Nehemiah chapter 8. It's real revival. And it's exciting as you read Nehemiah chapter 8 to see what goes on in the people of God.

Now let me ask you this question: Have you ever seen real revival, the real McCoy, what it really is? Have you ever experienced that in your own life? See, revival is when a Christian, who has gotten kind of cold and a little bit, lukewarm, when that person has their soul set on fire in passion, love, devotion, zeal for the Lord Jesus Christ. That is revival. Sometimes we get the idea that, you know, revival is what happens when a bunch of lost people become Christians and a bunch of, of unsaved people get saved. Tha ...

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