by Jeff Schreve

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Lost That Loving Feeling (1 of 6)
Series: And They Lived Happily Ever After
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 2:21-25

We are starting a new series tonight, a new series for the next several weeks on marriage, a series I have entitled, "And They Lived Happily Ever After."

Yesterday, I did two weddings. I'm not really great at doing weddings. And Larry does a lot more weddings than I do, and he does a really good job at weddings. And I've always been one to kind of prefer a funeral over weddings just because you can just kind of preach. And weddings are a ceremony, and they have to be a certain way. But it's exciting when I do a wedding to meet with the bride and the groom and talk about their lives and as they look to that date and then when the wedding comes. Every time I've done a wedding the bride and the groom are excited. They are so excited. They're so in love. They have such huge hopes and dreams for the future. They just know that their life is going to be one that's like a fairy tale, and they lived happily ever after.

But listen. After every wedding comes the marriage. And, eventually, the excitement begins to even out and, eventually, the honeymoon begins to even out and real life hits. And some people, because they're not prepared for real life in their marriage, they say, "Well, this stinks!" And they start out with an ideal, and then it becomes an ordeal, and then they want a new deal. Have you ever noticed that about some people?

I heard about one lady. She'd been married a good while. And it was on a Sunday afternoon. And her husband went outside to do something, and he was gone for the longest time. And she started to kind of wonder. I mean, he's gone for hours. She started wondering, Where, where is my husband? So she went out to the back yard. He wasn't there. She went out to the front yard. He wasn't there. She began to look in the garage. He wasn't there. She began to look through the neighborhood. He wasn't anywhere. And she got worried. An ...

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