by Jeff Schreve

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Series: And They Lived Happily Ever After
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 4:25-32

Marital conflict, resolving marital conflict. Now some of you may know that in 1968 a man named William Carroll began a comic strip, and he focused his comic strip on marital problems. He called his comic strip, "The Lockhorns." Anybody read the Lockhorns? Pretty funny, The Lockhorns." And they're always having problems, Leroy and Loretta Lockhorns. They're always fighting, fighting, fighting. One of the comics that he did showed them at a marriage counselor ?s office. And Leroy was telling the marriage counselor, "I'm trying to improve my marriage, but I can't get her to leave." Your marriage is in bad shape when that's how you improve it. But, you know what makes that comic strip so popular? People can relate. Everybody can relate to relationship problems. You don't even have to be married to be able to relate to relationship problems. And so many people that are married, boy, they really can relate. And some of the best television shows in terms of popularity are family sit-coms that depict a family in trouble, a marriage in trouble. One of the most famous is "Everybody Loves Raymond," and all the difficulties they have in that family.

Except from show played on IMAG.

They're a marriage in trouble, the Barones. But, you know, we laugh at that because we can relate to that, and we fight so often in marriage about dumb stuff, about tuna salad sandwiches.

Now did you know that in any marriage, the best of marriages, you're going to have conflict? You're going to have some times where you disagree, some times where you fight. You know one of the best definitions I've ever run across about conflict; you want to know what it is? Conflict - two people, two people. You put two people together, two sinners together, you put them under the same roof, and you have them sleep in the same bed, live in the same room, there's going to be conflict. And the ...

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