by Jeff Schreve

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In Need of a Savior (2 of 4)
Series: All I Want For Christmas
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 1:18-25

If you have your Bible, please turn to Matthew chapter 1, Matthew chapter 1. We want to look at this subject today, "In Need of a Savior."

Now it was about fifteen years ago, I was playing in a church basketball league. I was in my early 30s. And I was, ah, in pretty good shape back then and I could still play a little basketball. And my knees were still fairly good, or so I thought.

And in this game, I went up to contest a shot. And when I jumped up, I heard a snap internally in my inside in my ears. It sounded like someone had slammed a drawer. And I thought to myself…… You know how when, when you get hurt, things kind of move in slow motion. And I heard this noise, and I thought, That doesn't sound good. And then, I went down in a heap, and the pain was incredible. My knee was hurt so bad. And I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew I couldn't walk. And, ah, they got me up, and they said, "Well, here, let's get you some crutches." I said, "No, I can't do the crutches. I can't. I can't bend this knee at all." And, ah, went to the doctor the next day, my doctor who had been good at helping me with orthopedic problems. His name was Husam Berani. He was from Baghdad, Iraq. He was a good surgeon; didn't get high marks on bedside manner. He was just kind of in and out, you know. And, and so he would say, ah, looked at my knee, looked at it for all of about three or four minutes. He said, "Oh," he said, "this isn't good." And I said, "Yeah, I know. It really hurts." He said, ah, "You, you tore your patellar tendon, you know, that high tendon, you know, in your, in your kneecap there." And he said, "You tore that." I said, "Oh, that's not good, is it?" He goes, "No, it's not good." He said, "You need to have surgery." I said, "Well, Doctor Berani," I said, ah, "my wife and I are getting ready to go on vacation." I had won this trip, ah, with my company. And ...

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